Farmaceutický průmysl - manažerská simulace

Pharmaceutical industry is due to large investment requirements, unclear returns, long delays between project start and finish and strict regulations very complicated business and belongs therefore to our traditional clients. From simulation of the target molecule selection to new product market introduction dynamics - everything you can think of is being modeled.

We somehow feel that today's problems were caused by yesterday's decisions and we try to decide with caution. Especially when there are lives and huge money at stake. Calculating above mentioned systems using spreadsheets would be a pure hazard, the environment is highly complex, nonlinear, filled up with feedbacks and delays. Spreadsheet is a fine tool when the problem at hand is static. That means - it does not change over time. Spreadsheet is also sufficient when relationship between variables (cells) is liner. Spreadsheet is unable to cope with delays. When there is no delay in what you're solving (like reaction to your policy) you are still fine with the tool. Another thing you have to omit in your spreadsheet calculation is a feedback. All of the questions above form a feedback structure but you won't see it in you table. Any attempt to create circular structure will end up in error message in spreadsheet. Simply stated, you need a better tool to answer questions asked above or any other you may have. We have these tools at your disposal. Do you need to know more? Just ask!

Project: New medication introduction

Project: Psychiatric pharmacogenomics