vysoké školy simulace optimalizaceOur products are used by almost all major universities. They are used in teaching business and economy, marketing, public policy, medicine, biology, logistics and many others. There is a huge number of models available to teachers, our experts give pro bono lectures at selected universities. Courses and seminars for academic customers are discounted.

Software for creating dynamic computer models and simulators Vensim has special academic licences when used solely for classroom teaching. In case of research, when outcomes of simulation are made publicly available, public research discounts apply. 

Many years of experience in computer simulation allows us to say that we have the best tools for system dynamics and systems thinking available. Do you teach management? Management is about creating and evaluating policies. Our software tools make this job much easier. From the causal loop diagram across the flow diagram structure, parameters and equations to model testing and scenarios simulation - everything is in there in nice graphic environment. Drove you multiple parameters setup crazy? We know the problem, but with patented SyntheSim (simulation on the fly) this is no problem anymore. Do you need to optimize? Import of export from almost everything? Distribution of your models to others? Create great user interface? We have it all. Is you institution publicly recognized school? Your students then get unlimited number of FREE personal learning licenses to solve their assignments!

When you need to design, visualize and optimize processes, see our ProModel family of products:

- ProModel contains graphic libraries for factory settings

- ServiceModel is focused on service industry (např. banking, restaurants etc.)

- MedModel contains graphic libraries for design, simulation and optimization in health care.

All versions of ProModel software exist  in student version and there is also specialized learning course available. We also have English and Czech version of modeling guide.