manažerské simulátory - simulace - optimalizaceA number of our clients owns, runs or manage production plants/factories. Although all kinds of different products is made there, this list of problems to solve goes across all sectors:

Some of the questions we are helping to answer are here:

- Costs cutting

- Productivity increase

- Identification and removal of constrains

- Capacity increase

- Human resources - selection, education, satisfaction

- Maintaining quality

- How much/many resources do we need to produce certain numbers of products

- What is our real capacity and what is going to happen if certain project get higher priority

No matter what you ask, we can deliver management simulators that could (even in real time) answer all the questions. What if... / What shall I do in order to... / What is the optimal number... are questions just for us. If you need more information, do not hesitate to ask.

Project: Production simulation

Project: Headcount optimization