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The set of simulators is not a common office application. It is always created to serve a specific purpose - it, therefore, requires particular input data and user skills. Its use assumes creativity and readiness/ability to learn. The good simulator should support your decision-making by answering questions, "What happens if..." or "What shall I do to...". It is not a crystal ball of prophecy, but its power for solving problems in a complex environment outweighs the human brain in many ways. Ask the same or totally different questions the clients asked and see if you can predict future behavior better than the simulation.

This set of simulators covers following areas:


The company produces metal components for the automotive industry. This simulator lets you explore different procurement policies and their impact on company profit. The first one does not work well - your profits end up below zero. Try the procurement optimization button and see - there is a solution after all.

Basic simulation parameters:
Simulation step: 1 day
Simulated period: 60 days

Factory production

The company produces plastic molding compounds. The company needs many employees with different skills to run. Try so increase profit by cutting down the company headcount. See for yourself the difference between Spreadsheet and Dynamic model outcomes...

Basic simulation parameters:
Simulation step: 1 month
Simulated period: 60 months


The clerk issues international drivers licenses on demand. It usually takes just 10 minutes. Try different settings - when the task at hand has a higher standard deviation than the initial zero. What if it takes 8-15 minutes? How long will the queue of waiting people be? And what if people will come not one every 10 minutes but with higher variability? Will the average waiting time still be 6 minutes like in the pre-set scenario? Would you be able to answer these questions with a spreadsheet (using a static approach)?

Basic simulation parameters:
Simulation step: 1 minute
Simulated period: 100 minutes

Public policy - city simulation

The city is, after elections,  under new management. There are some financial resources and key parameters at certain levels. What policies should you implement to increase the quality of life of your voters? Select your policy (or policies) and use the slider at the bottom of the screen to travel into the future of your city. Will you be reelected?

Basic simulation parameters:
Simulation step: 1 year
Simulated period: 20 years

We are still working on the English version of the manual, will be available here:

Remember that the models are simplified, just to show how simulation helps in decision making. We would be glad if you download the installation and try it for yourself. If you have any questions, please  let us know

Download - ScienceDynamicsFour 1.6 (zip, 41M)

System requirements:

- OS Windows XP a higher,
- NET Framework 4.5,
- 400 MB of the free HDD space ,
- screen resolution min 1280x760 pix.

After the download, unpack the archive and run the Setup.exe. After easy installation, click at the ScienceDynamics FOUR icon on your desktop. Select the language, and SLOWLY double-click the flag of your choice. CHROME browser users: the browser implicitly rejects all zip files containing anything with exe extension. If you still want to download and use the simulator, we suggest using a different browser. The installation is malware-free.