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Old saying tells that problems you are facing today were caused by yesterday's decisions. Nice, but what there was a huge number of decisions in all parts of the company. What is a root cause of our problems? Is there a way to find solution? Do I have enought time and resources to actually apply the solution? These and many more questions are asked by our clients :

Business simulation

-          How to increase profit ( costs cutting going to work)?

-          Influence of the new competition to our financial performance?

-          How will our customers react to new products, is there a room for sales increase or should we expect product cannibalism?

-          How to keep customer satisfaction on certain level when there is a pressure to decrease costs?

-          How to optimize company processes in order to get results faster and cheaper?

-          Is there a room for improvement? Can we perform certain tasks more effectively?

-          How to distribute workload among our employees in order to achieve maximal performance?

The most common tool for answering these questions is a spreadsheet table. The problem is, that building spreadsheet table requires a number of simplifications. The most important features of reality is delay, nonlinearity, feedback and dynamics - change of state over time. Forget all of these if you work in spreadsheet! If you want to include everything that matters, use our products. There are no compromises when answering your questions using our technology. 

Try our business simulation tools, we can teach you how to use it. You can also move all your burden to us. We can build simulator of any problem - just ask about details.



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