Problem: Our client created a number of new tariffs for their three customer segments. Now they want to know which tariffs will be the most profitable over time. 

 manažerské simulátory - simulace

Figure 1 - Input screen of the management simulator user interface

Solution: We have created a simulator that allows data input for each tariff in each customer segment including peak, of-peak and night calling activity. Detailed information about all 45 new tariffs. The model simulates behavior of all parties over the next 24 months for each tariff. The simulation showed which tariffs should not be introduced into market and which should be reconfigured in order to achieve maximal profit. The tariffs were evaluated using a spreadsheet prior to simulation and exhibited outcomes disconfirmed by the simulator. Potential loss if the simulator was not implemented would be in millions of dollars. Price paid for the simulator was a 0.5% of the potential loss.