What do We Do?

Solving complex problems unsolvable by static methods (like a spreadsheet). Delivering products for those who love to think - management simulators, systems thinking tools, and many more, making the World more understandable.

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What's in it for you?

 To decrease your company's costs and become lean, to optimize your headcount, to reduce your marketing expenditures, to choose the best way to grow, to formulate a policy that will solve a problem at your hand not creating ten new ones...

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Business simulation

Trying to get maximum from your business? Or just looking for the best way out of problems? Want to try how your decision affects your business before you actually put it in action?



Need to convince your colleagues about something? Or simply want to learn more about your job? If you never tried System thinking, now would be the time. Learn how the world around you works and why!



Science Dynamics is a project of Proverbs Corp, but many other parties have contributed to resources on this site. Discover products that will help you expand your insight and knowledge. Tools for management, manufacturing, business, development, IT, logistics, public administration, education, health care, energy, military, and even neuroscience are available. We work with methods based on general system theory; therefore, there is undoubtedly something to help you solve your problem. Feel free to dig in and figure it out!


The Science Dynamics Team


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