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ExtendSim Student

ExtendSim Student
2 843,50 CZK each


ExtendSim Student is designed for students building models for classwork. It allows students to:

Build and save small (75 blocks or less) models for classwork.

Change parameters, save the changes, view simulation results, and run larger models.

Print model worksheets, block dialogs, and so forth.

However, there are some limitations:

The models you build are limited to a maximum of 75 blocks.

The model-building capability expires 180 days after installation. (Note: model-running capability does not expire.)

You may not use scripting or ActiveX automation to run or construct a model.

This version is licensed only for your personal use on a single computer.

The Student version may not be used for commercial purposes, including consulting or research that is subsidized by a private or government enterprise.

There is no upgrade path and technical support is limited to installation questions.

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